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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11PM  CBS  August 19, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm PDT

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" quantum at a higher standards
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and make sure this never happens again getting to the bottom of the chevron refinery fire the next at getting under way a mass of wild fire forces dozens from their homes in northern california the latest on the growth and progress on containing it. when the fun turns to fare roller coaster comes to a sudden stop what an investigation reveals to the state's ability to protect the public during new scrutiny tomorrow for the chevron refinery in richmond the head of the chemical safety board will visit the plant part of the investigation into the recent fire. don knapp with for the investigation is headed. the chevron refinery limps along at 65% capacity
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investigators examine crude unit no. 4 the safety board update says investigative work continues the damaged unit were a pipe leaked vapors that ignited spewing gases over richmond and east bay 5 workers narrowly escaped with their lives if that vapor cloud ignited sooner it would have banned a serious incident the chemical safety board is working to make the plan say for the arrival of the safety board chairman the smokes and 9000 people to hospital and could be the first of several lawsuits against chevron alleging hardships this past week workers for the refinery cleaned up richmond city parks and school playgrounds we want to make sure students came back to a clean environment and enjoy the outdoor equipment some members of the
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community want to go beyond lawsuits and that chevron to invest in richmond and its people there needs to be serious investment in the community of richmond to mitigate the harmful health effects but also the general poverty and negative indicators in the community we see we cannot trust them to operate safely even under normal circumstances. we have to have higher standards make sure this doesn't happen ever again. there has been criticism of chevron safety practices a report in the contra costa times said chevron's employee safety record has been better than average don knapp cbs 5 thousands of californians urge to leave their homes state of emergency declared as a wild fire burns through shasta county the bond rose a fire was sparked by lightning yesterday.
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3500 homes in danger are and world towns scattered throughout shasta and trinity counties. more than 1000 firefighters are trying to get a handle 12,000 a. burned. no reports of serious injuries sunday that we sat close calls. i was on the road and flames on the road on either side i looked up everything was black, i drove through it, i could not brief, there was fire everywhere on all sides of you the fire burns and a rugged mountain area with lake forest making it difficult for firefighters to battle, at last check only 5 percent contained. fires burned beyond california's borders, dru levenson on the strain that the summer drought has caused
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helicopter water drops along with better weather are helping firefighters and the battle against the taylor bridge fire in central washington. firefighters stood on the lawn 20 yds apart looking for spot fires. we're holding the line to make sure nothing jumps across nearly half of the 23,000 a. fire burns out of control nearly 50 houses either destroyed or damaged. this couple among the hundreds of residents forced from homes their house still stands. many neighbors are not. one friend barely got out, he came back today and found everything gone some residents still not allowed back again. i feel for everybody else in the town of if other vale, idaho residents took what
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they could and get out there is g force to evacuate because of smoke. it was so thick visibility reduced to 10 ft.. thousands of wildfires have burned millions of acres of land. dru levenson cbs news the director of they hit tom cruise movie top gun has committed suicide tony scott jump to his death off of the bridge in los angeles county younger brother of red is got tony scott made his mark with movies like popgun days of thunder and beverly hills cop till he was a director on the cbs series " the good life " he was 68 and married. new revelation in the melky
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cabrera scandal and associate reportedly purchased a website in and attend to great evidence that might exonerate cabrera from taking performance enhancing drugs the associate try to alter the web site to make it appear the positive tests for testosterone was of something he took accidently and ordered off the side he has been suspended for the rest of the season. in williamsport pennsylvania as good as it gets for any little league team can anne mackovic shows us in petaluma clear and cheering on the home team is a big screen a van for the second game of the world series petaluma packed two movie theaters with fans. it is amazing and really good the home town feel hundreds of people can watch their home town heroes on the
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big screen live from williamsport, pa. the boys represents the western u.s. went head-to-head with the team from tennessee and there were high moments. but the other guys hit a few homers as well ultimately the game was a loss. if they didn't have a few mistakes that would of had the game they'll come back will play again because of double elimination they have a chance tomorrow to windows as long as they are planning fans will purchase $10 tickets and the memorabilia. all proceeds go to the team to help pay for the trip. that the talent and the will and support in petaluma anne mackovic cbs 5 e. coli contamination proms
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a recall of lettuce in california and 18 states in pr. a lesson in of salinas based company recalls remand lettuce sold since august 2, 125 cases sold in california with 2000 sold in other parts of the country the recall is voluntary no illnesses reported. back-to-school means back to school lunches cafeterias will be serving students healthier meals thanks to new guidelines and. sharyl attkisson shows us how teenagers help make some changes drivers will project these high-school juniors investigated school lunches and made this video if you could summit cafeteria food what would it be slot the cafeteria people would
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not tell us what it was never got a straight answer we don't know what they're putting in that that is a fortified beat soy mixture and the peaks above has the same amount of calories and fat and sodium as a big mac. by an initiative backed by the first lady the fda is making radical changes and requires daily fruits and vegetables only low-fat milk haul grain and less fat. this man oversees the program at the usda what kind of feedback did you get from the industry the industry has a anxiety over it salt and sodium have important properties and trends that should not be discouraged lending starches like potatoes makes lunch unappealing and confusing only john keeling
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with the $3 billion potential industry agreed to talk with us on camera sure french fries are good for kids like any other food in moderation the food industry convince congress to rein in usda's plan to limit french fries and salt kids can buy sugar flavored milk and pizza still cans as a vegetable because of tomato paste. why can't the usda just a tough luck pizza not a vegetable? in the world of public policy influence industry industry influences it and injects itself into what they have their own influence the school agreed to post nutritional data. the cannot wait to see what is on the menu this fall. sharyl attkisson cbs news stuck 150 ft. in the arab how common are incidents like at six flags fly how how prepared
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are investigators to prevent future events every year bay area appearance by to get their kids and good schools, we look at one school district particularly frustrating admissions policy and help some parents beat the system. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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and nerve wracking rescued as a people trap 150 ft. off the ground on the new roller- coaster at six flags fly held tonight questions about the ride and how well may ninja's monitored on in and others across the state. tony lopez looks at the challenge to keep riders safe superman's ultimate flight at six flags came to a halt on july 29th leaving one dozen riders trap 150 ft. in the air. an hour into it the crane got up there no one was hurt when the right went back into operation
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the man of steel get stuck again. i did hear there was a brief interruption cal osha spokesperson says they do not know what cause the sec installed but the first incident was an electrical issue they're confident the ride is safe to reopen. how safe are these amusement park rides? as part of our investigation we collected cal a osha incident reports for three major california theme parks reports reveal 38 accidents at six flags discovery kingdom 80 at great america and 108 at magic mountain among the injuries lacerations on the a fight and cheat eye injuries and a ruptured breast implant dozens of reports of neck and back
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pain. when you look behind the numbers, there's a lot of back minor injury type of events, people hit their heads when the right move as fast or the trip and fall when they get on and off the ride cal osha only investigated 78, they tell us only serious injuries fatalities or mechanical failure worn full investigation cal a osha insists the staff does a good job in preventing accidents we haven't experienced budget cuts as other departments we maintain the budget we maintained our number of staff in addition to inspections cal osha looks at maine is records and make sure operators are properly trained a inspectors conduct annual inspections including surprise visits at over 1000 ride
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statewide 1092 portable rides like the ones at state and county fairs. divide the total number of rise by eight inspectors that is 304 hour rides per inspector and six inspections per week most thrill seekers no bid is right at your own risk but if there is a concern cal osha will shut down arrived in definitely. we will not allow an operator to put right in operation unless we feel it is safe that was tony lopez reporting the superman ryan had been open less than a month when the incident happened july 29th the temperatures on a roller-coaster ride, we turn it the incident happened july 29th the temperatures on a roller-coaster rwe're sittingit on a bunch of shale gas.
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here is brian. we have been a bed of the changing up lately today things cool down about 5 degrees look at the numbers now a foggy quite our looming oakland has 56. santa rosa 52. it will still be warm inland tomorrow but not @ as warm as it has been. temperatures mild mid-week and we warm up again for the weekend.
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for next saturday and sunday. the low will push into the pacific northwest and pressures drop, so temperatures, we will get sunshine, it will be pretty warm inland 101 at no. and at sacramento valley 100 to fresno. 96 at ukiah 75 at yosemite. the day starts out with low clouds and burns back to the shore. a lot of sun tomorrow. a nice day really. and some spots especially within view of the golden gate low clouds tomorrow morning otherwise sunny inland. for the airports not bad part a cloudy skies high of 70 degrees.
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the thunderstorms at new york and denver. chicago and l.a. look good. 55 at pacifica, the pinpoint forecast for south bay sunshine tomorrow 77 at fremont, 88 @ morgan hill. east bay 85 at concord 89 at any op. plenty warm for east bay. 62 at bodega bay. five day forecast we look at mid '80s inland and next weekend things warm up back to 90 degrees. no huge change just a little bit cooler. a unique celebration between oakland and japanese sister city what the two mayors did to cultivate a meaningful
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sylvester stallone and his buddies muscle their way to the top of the box office expand bulls 2 debuted at the top of the box office elbowing out last week's top to second place it grossed $30 million the born legacy not to second place, running out the top five para norman the campaign and whitney houston's last movie sparkle. oakland celebrated the 1962 agreement with folkie oca japan. they attended the event at llake merritt.
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this is one of the oldest sister city agreement in the united states. they fostered a cultural and economic relationship between the two cities. world-class sailboat racing makes a splash at the san francisco bay this week, america's cup series begins tuesday spectators urged to watch from crissy field to aquatic park in the afternoon. pleasure craft are restricted from the racing area,,,,
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